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Since childhood there has always been this fascination that I have with astronomy (NOT astrology). I happen to have recently stumbled upon 2 brilliant softwares that actually Map the sky as is. One is a free program and the other a paid one (unfortunately). I wanted to do a quick review of them both… perhaps sometime soon….

I have just heard today that the team at Google Earth has introduced a ‘Google Sky’ feature in the next release of Google Earth…  I guess all 3 reviews will be due soon…


Yes, I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while, bcz I’ve been mega bizi working on various web projects, and directing my efforts at Botslink, along with being sick 4 abt 2 weeks…

I’ve also been testing a few software which I will mention abt in my next post purely bcz I can’t be bothered to write abt it now. Finally I’ve given up my Sony Ericsson W850i (*a moment of silence plz*) for a Nokia 6300… and i just discovered last night that the Nokia doesn’t have a flash nor does it have the ability to take panoramic pix. Also the battery life is not as good as the Sony…. so now I’m contemplating.

When I build my first home in space the living room and master bedroom’s huge window will face planet Earth. Just before going to bed–after a hard day’s work of taking high-res pictures of stars, galaxies, black holes with the best camera money can make–I will stand in front of that window and say, My planet still is the prettiest of them all!

Stunning Picture do check it out!

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If you’re a lover of beautiful desktops, check out this site… they’ve been gathering since 1994 and there are still only 96 wallpapers that have made the grade… so they’re REALLY good.

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“WetPaint Please Touch” is like an online graffiti painting wall where you can draw to your heart’s content.

You get a blank wall, bucket of paint, rollers, brushes and cans of spray-paint. Or you may add colored stencil text to the wall or paste images on the wall just like posters. [Make sure the speakers are turned on]

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A very interesting piece of furniture that allows you to make words and leave messages with the screen printed letter cushions. Check out the pictures !

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Here is a pack of 25 wonderful wallpapers, in case you have trouble with the language, either you can click on the image and then set is or save it as your background or you could download all 25 of them in a Zip or RAR format. Just select either underneath the words, ‘Descarga el pack de wallpapers’…

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This is crazy…. The main media Body Attacked for reporting the truth? and this is Justice?

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Stumbled across this today, Good news 4 those that are worried about their privacy!….
This was from the Google Blog

When you search on Google, we collect information about your search, such as the query itself, IP addresses and cookie details. Previously, we kept this data for as long as it was useful. Today we’re pleased to report a change in our privacy policy: Unless we’re legally required to retain log data for longer, we will anonymize our server logs after a limited period of time. When we implement this policy change in the coming months, we will continue to keep server log data (so that we can improve Google’s services and protect them from security and other abuses)—but will make this data much more anonymous, so that it can no longer be identified with individual users, after 18-24 months.

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Ok, for those of you that do not know already, I am cricket crazy… Last night, we had a huge storm, more dust and less rain. To make matters worse, the power went off coz of the crazy lightening, and that too while I was watching the match!!!….

I admit, so far the World Cup hasn’t been spectacular, very predictable to say the least, but still, a match is a match. At least one of the African Teams have done well in their first match. Today again the Clouds are billowing up, and it looks like 2days match will also be interrupted.

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