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MY BRACES CAME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM AT LAST!!!!!!!!

Its such a releif… although now I have to wear a gum guard (roll eyes), which makes me look like a boxer, and I can’t speak, along with a whole host of other issues…. I’m still happy they’re off….

My orthodontist grudgingly agreed to have them removed, if he had his way, I’d probably have them on for Goodness knows how long….


From the past few weeks, we have been bizi at work sorting out the new systems that are to be put in. Its been a bit of a mission sorting out software, configuring clients, and generally having to put everything together so it actually pulls through. in the process my sister even had to write a program to sort out some troubles that we were having. Finally Alhamdolillah all the systems are up and running smoothly. It seems to be on of the big achievements we have done so far.

The new typist we hired, is not brilliant and definately not what we are looking for, but for temporary purposes, I suppose we have to stick with her. Its wierd the type of applicant we get for the job, even Bachelor of Commerce Graduates want to apply to be a typist… that is strange.

Lets just hope the systems keep running smoothly and we find a good typist soon…

Came back from Joburg again… this trip was really hectic… Went to Pretoria, Bruma, Kensington, Rosebank, Mayfair all in one day!…At least most things that we went for are done, there is still a lot of pending work, I guess it has to be left for the next trip. Managed to even visit the franchise expo in Sandton, it was interesting but… a lot of the franchisees did not exhibit, I wonder why. Only a couple of things got me interested but not enough to further pursue them.

On the way we managed to catch the full moon rising, it was one of the most beautiful sights ever! One of those moments when you wish you could capture every moment of Allah’s (S.W.T) beauty and share it with the world…

Had another orthodontic appointment as well, and this time had my bands changed to a metallic, darker blue than before. It gives my teeth a really blue look… so far reactions have been as expected… ‘OOooos and Aaahs’ from enthusiasts, and ‘Oh my God what have u done?’ from spoil sports… either way, I like it so its kool…

At least the weather played out well, not like last week, when it was absolutely freezing… There was an Ijtima being held and about 20000 people joined in from all over the world, they were subjected to some very harsh weather, but at least they all believe in unanimity it was worth it!

Winter seems to have set in from the last 3 days with the icy winds…. the usual symptoms seem to have come by, numb fingers and toes, cold knees and goosebumps… the airconditioners r all being set on heat and blankys that came out a while back r now being thrown over beds…*sigh* will i ever enjoy winter? i don’t know!

I’m a plane fanatic, and yesterday was the military day, and they happened to be flying the best that they have, I spent 2 hours in the Icy wind on the roof just waiting to catch a glimpse of them!… that might sound odd, but to me it was worth it, come hail sleet or snow, i’d probably still be out watching planes!….

Got back yesterday from South Africa, had an appointment with my orthodontist the day before yesterday, He changed the wires on the braces, and this time i had the band colour changed to BLUE… It looks quite kool actually the white ceramic braces with the blue bands… and there is good news…

He says that there is Just 2 more months left of these BRaces… YAY!!!!… can’t get over that… the torture will finally end…

Ya, now about my trip….i’ll just omit most of the unpleasent parts…

I went to Sun City after sooo many years, it was a kool experience… were showing an uncle and aunt around, so basically it was more like we were being the tour guides, Even after all these years, the place looks the same, and still ignites the same excitement and awe… It was soo bizi as usual, many people mainly coming out 4 the beach and… and the tourists snapping away.

This was the first time i have gone for the Tour of the Palace, though and yeah, it was an amazing place, serene, romantic and very luxurious… with price tags that shoot through the roof.

Crazily enough our visitors got lost, and it took us a whole hour finding them, amongst all the commotion to make matters worse my shoes decided to break!!!…. Oh ya i thought i was gonna omit all this…

Anyway after that we had to leave for good old Jozie… went for dinner at a friends, and the next day had my dental appointment… went around after that visiting places, and then to Sandton City. That was fun. The next day left early and dropped of the guests to the airport, and then headed back home…

Its just gr8 to b back!

YAY!!! The baby’s back from the hospital, we named him Aatir, and yesterday was his first night in his cot… we spent over an hour trying to wake him up, and when he finally woke up, we left about half an hour later.  Spent the majority of the last few days enjoying the brilliant cloudy weather and uplaoding his pix.

The lodge behind our place decided they wanted a change of colour of their walls, so they went from this lovely cream colour to this putrid deep pink colour… its an eyesore, really torture to the senses.

Been at work this past weekend, bizi as usual… mainly its just cell phone madness coz ppl have received salaries and allowances.

stumbled across some interesting websites recently will share them ASAP.

another good thing is that SA won their match against SL… although yeah i have to agree Lasith Malinga’s 4 wickets in 4 balls was amazing…  i wanted to post a video of that, but it was against ICC’s copyright so they removed their video from YouTube…

signing out….

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