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Got back yesterday from South Africa, had an appointment with my orthodontist the day before yesterday, He changed the wires on the braces, and this time i had the band colour changed to BLUE… It looks quite kool actually the white ceramic braces with the blue bands… and there is good news…

He says that there is Just 2 more months left of these BRaces… YAY!!!!… can’t get over that… the torture will finally end…

Ya, now about my trip….i’ll just omit most of the unpleasent parts…

I went to Sun City after sooo many years, it was a kool experience… were showing an uncle and aunt around, so basically it was more like we were being the tour guides, Even after all these years, the place looks the same, and still ignites the same excitement and awe… It was soo bizi as usual, many people mainly coming out 4 the beach and… and the tourists snapping away.

This was the first time i have gone for the Tour of the Palace, though and yeah, it was an amazing place, serene, romantic and very luxurious… with price tags that shoot through the roof.

Crazily enough our visitors got lost, and it took us a whole hour finding them, amongst all the commotion to make matters worse my shoes decided to break!!!…. Oh ya i thought i was gonna omit all this…

Anyway after that we had to leave for good old Jozie… went for dinner at a friends, and the next day had my dental appointment… went around after that visiting places, and then to Sandton City. That was fun. The next day left early and dropped of the guests to the airport, and then headed back home…

Its just gr8 to b back!



The last few days have been quite hectic and exciting… we’ve been preparing for the arrival of my cousin’s baby, and¬† today Alhamdolillah¬† at 11.15am my time, A Beautiful Baby Boy Arrived…

The excitement has seemed to grow with the new arrival… We all think he looks just like his Daddy, and Mashallah He’s really Cute, i took sooooo many pix of him, and am now uploading them….

We had been making a huge list of names over the last 9 months, and have come up with some brilliant ones from all our collections, but now i guess we have to wait for the Buzurq’s to let us know how to keep a name, it all depends on when and at what time the baby was born.

There is a room full downstairs will all baby stuff, from clothes to carriers, to strollers, clothes, bottles, accesories, toiletries, u name it, its all there….

Inshallah He will be home in a few days, and then i guess the fun will start, and for his mom and dad…. sleepless nights!…

May the Almighty guide him on the right path, and keep him safe….


Its usualy the other way around, we’re always off to meet our relatives, but for a change things are different this time around.

Yesterday, My Dad’s Cousin, (Uncle and Aunt) came all the way here, primarily to spend time with their son and daughter in law…anyway it is still quite exciting having them over.

The exciting part is that we get to hear all the family stories that we’ve missed out on…

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