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Since my last post, I’ve just become really bizi and haven’t had much time for blogging let alone anything else. In a way i guess thats good, coz then u can accumulate lots of stuff to talk about, and yeah I have quite a few links to share but that can wait.

Basically its just been work work work for the last few weeks, and then the winter makes u feel super lazy…. I hate the cold. Apart from work there have been invitations for get togethers, and a few opportunities to spend some time with my family (the major reason for going cold shoulder to the net)…

I came across an article today from alt search engines, urging web users not to use any of the 5 popular search engines on Tuesday…. i.e. Google, Ask, Yahoo, MSN or AOL! If ur a google addict like me… i hear u asking WHAT??? How will i survive???? well they have a very comprehensive list of Alternate Search Engines, of which 100 are listed here

Try it, as they say on their page, “It’s only one day. It’s only one day. It’s only…

Here’s something else related to search engines, ever wanted to search multiple search engines at the same time? we already had  but say hello to Sputtr easy to use, and it goes through more search engines at the same time- so u get more results….

i guess thats all for now…gtg… later….


For those of u that use portable devices to browse the internet, i’m sure the feeling of frustration is mutual when a page does not display correctly….

When there is a problem, the solution is not far!… The internet site, has made life easy! Simply Browse to the Mowser Page on ur PDA, enter your desired webpage that you want to view and hit Go!!!… And Everything shows up as it should….

Have a go,

Alhamdolillah!!!!!!!!!!!Got a Brand New System today… top of the range, best of the best available, dual core and all…and best of all Got my Licensed copy of Vista Ultimate 64-bit & Office 2007 As well… Installed it and WOW!!!! Brilliant So Far… willl give a review soon!

We were invited to the launch of Vista and MS Office  2007 a couple of months ago… it was fabulous, got a few goodies in the end as well… I hope Vista lives up to its expectations even with all the negative reviews surrouding it…

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