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YAY!!! The baby’s back from the hospital, we named him Aatir, and yesterday was his first night in his cot… we spent over an hour trying to wake him up, and when he finally woke up, we left about half an hour later.  Spent the majority of the last few days enjoying the brilliant cloudy weather and uplaoding his pix.

The lodge behind our place decided they wanted a change of colour of their walls, so they went from this lovely cream colour to this putrid deep pink colour… its an eyesore, really torture to the senses.

Been at work this past weekend, bizi as usual… mainly its just cell phone madness coz ppl have received salaries and allowances.

stumbled across some interesting websites recently will share them ASAP.

another good thing is that SA won their match against SL… although yeah i have to agree Lasith Malinga’s 4 wickets in 4 balls was amazing…  i wanted to post a video of that, but it was against ICC’s copyright so they removed their video from YouTube…

signing out….



The last few days have been quite hectic and exciting… we’ve been preparing for the arrival of my cousin’s baby, and  today Alhamdolillah  at 11.15am my time, A Beautiful Baby Boy Arrived…

The excitement has seemed to grow with the new arrival… We all think he looks just like his Daddy, and Mashallah He’s really Cute, i took sooooo many pix of him, and am now uploading them….

We had been making a huge list of names over the last 9 months, and have come up with some brilliant ones from all our collections, but now i guess we have to wait for the Buzurq’s to let us know how to keep a name, it all depends on when and at what time the baby was born.

There is a room full downstairs will all baby stuff, from clothes to carriers, to strollers, clothes, bottles, accesories, toiletries, u name it, its all there….

Inshallah He will be home in a few days, and then i guess the fun will start, and for his mom and dad…. sleepless nights!…

May the Almighty guide him on the right path, and keep him safe….


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