Recently there has been an outburst of various popular email companies upgrading or adding to their services. I guess it had started with the all new Yahoo! Mail, and then the announcement of the integrated web messenger & rss within the yahoo mail interface.

Then came the new Hotmail now known as Windows Live Mail, and with it all comparisons of Hotmail with Gmail such as this one. Yesterday Yahoo! announced unlimited space for their inbox, however that doesnt compare with the lesser known, Gawab which offer free unlimited attachments.

However leaving all of these behind, arrives Orgoo! Yes, wierd name but hey the promos seem great and I am sure Many people will be turning to Orgoo soon….

Why? because this Ajax based web client (that comes with an outlook style appearance) integrates instant messaging from all of the major IM providers directly into the interface as well as email from popular web based services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail! At the moment however they are still in their beta stage, and u can sign up for an invitation!