Since childhood there has always been this fascination that I have with astronomy (NOT astrology). I happen to have recently stumbled upon 2 brilliant softwares that actually Map the sky as is. One is a free program and the other a paid one (unfortunately). I wanted to do a quick review of them both… perhaps sometime soon….

I have just heard today that the team at Google Earth has introduced a ‘Google Sky’ feature in the next release of Google Earth…  I guess all 3 reviews will be due soon…


Yes, I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while, bcz I’ve been mega bizi working on various web projects, and directing my efforts at Botslink, along with being sick 4 abt 2 weeks…

I’ve also been testing a few software which I will mention abt in my next post purely bcz I can’t be bothered to write abt it now. Finally I’ve given up my Sony Ericsson W850i (*a moment of silence plz*) for a Nokia 6300… and i just discovered last night that the Nokia doesn’t have a flash nor does it have the ability to take panoramic pix. Also the battery life is not as good as the Sony…. so now I’m contemplating.

MY BRACES CAME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM AT LAST!!!!!!!!

Its such a releif… although now I have to wear a gum guard (roll eyes), which makes me look like a boxer, and I can’t speak, along with a whole host of other issues…. I’m still happy they’re off….

My orthodontist grudgingly agreed to have them removed, if he had his way, I’d probably have them on for Goodness knows how long….

From the past few weeks, we have been bizi at work sorting out the new systems that are to be put in. Its been a bit of a mission sorting out software, configuring clients, and generally having to put everything together so it actually pulls through. in the process my sister even had to write a program to sort out some troubles that we were having. Finally Alhamdolillah all the systems are up and running smoothly. It seems to be on of the big achievements we have done so far.

The new typist we hired, is not brilliant and definately not what we are looking for, but for temporary purposes, I suppose we have to stick with her. Its wierd the type of applicant we get for the job, even Bachelor of Commerce Graduates want to apply to be a typist… that is strange.

Lets just hope the systems keep running smoothly and we find a good typist soon…

Today as i was browsing, i came across a very clever world clock. Unlike the usual ones that show world times, this one shows statistics such as world population, barrels of oils used/consumed, species extinct, forests lost…. things that we seem to hear about but never give much attention to….

Here is the link check it out

When I build my first home in space the living room and master bedroom’s huge window will face planet Earth. Just before going to bed–after a hard day’s work of taking high-res pictures of stars, galaxies, black holes with the best camera money can make–I will stand in front of that window and say, My planet still is the prettiest of them all!

Stunning Picture do check it out!

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Since my last post, I’ve just become really bizi and haven’t had much time for blogging let alone anything else. In a way i guess thats good, coz then u can accumulate lots of stuff to talk about, and yeah I have quite a few links to share but that can wait.

Basically its just been work work work for the last few weeks, and then the winter makes u feel super lazy…. I hate the cold. Apart from work there have been invitations for get togethers, and a few opportunities to spend some time with my family (the major reason for going cold shoulder to the net)…

I came across an article today from alt search engines, urging web users not to use any of the 5 popular search engines on Tuesday…. i.e. Google, Ask, Yahoo, MSN or AOL! If ur a google addict like me… i hear u asking WHAT??? How will i survive???? well they have a very comprehensive list of Alternate Search Engines, of which 100 are listed here

Try it, as they say on their page, “It’s only one day. It’s only one day. It’s only…

Here’s something else related to search engines, ever wanted to search multiple search engines at the same time? we already had  but say hello to Sputtr easy to use, and it goes through more search engines at the same time- so u get more results….

i guess thats all for now…gtg… later….

Recently there has been an outburst of various popular email companies upgrading or adding to their services. I guess it had started with the all new Yahoo! Mail, and then the announcement of the integrated web messenger & rss within the yahoo mail interface.

Then came the new Hotmail now known as Windows Live Mail, and with it all comparisons of Hotmail with Gmail such as this one. Yesterday Yahoo! announced unlimited space for their inbox, however that doesnt compare with the lesser known, Gawab which offer free unlimited attachments.

However leaving all of these behind, arrives Orgoo! Yes, wierd name but hey the promos seem great and I am sure Many people will be turning to Orgoo soon….

Why? because this Ajax based web client (that comes with an outlook style appearance) integrates instant messaging from all of the major IM providers directly into the interface as well as email from popular web based services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo Mail! At the moment however they are still in their beta stage, and u can sign up for an invitation!

Just wishing My Mum, and All those around the World A Very Happy Mother’s Day!


Just Remember, ‘Heaven Lies Under the Feet of Mothers’

Keep that in mind, and Inshallah Paradise will be yours!

Lately I’ve become addicted to RSS… I decided to do a quick note of what i think of the 2 most common readers, Google Reader and Bloglines. Let me start with Bloglines.

As soon as i signed up for a Bloglines account, I went to the ‘Quick Pick Subscriptions’ sections, and ticked a few of the options available under various topics clicked on ‘Subscribe to my selections’ and then i received an error message, something to the effect that my selection could not be processed. However I did manage to add a few subscriptions manually. I later found out that they were experiencing some technical glitches… hence the error messages. I noticed that, the interface is very cluttered and not very user friendly. Another thing i didn’t like was that if I click on a feed, it will immediately mark all items as read unless you check the ‘keep new’ box.

Its not like there was nothing i liked about Bloglines, I really like some features:

  • The search feature (because its useful and Google Reader does not have a search)
  • The clippings feature
  • The blog feature. However, it would have been better if instead of publishing to the Bloglines blog, one was able to publish to an external Blog App of choice, e.g. WordPress.
  • Bloglines is Web Based!!! -easy access from anywhere.

Ok… Lets move on to Google Reader

Let me start by mentioning that the new interface is still in the ‘Labs’ so a few things might not be up to the mark, but i really think that Google Reader IS THE BEST web based RSS reader available. It has everything multiple viewing options, keyboard shortcuts, integrated podcast/mp3 player, auto sorting and tags to name a few. The interface is clean, neat and organised. The only thing missing from this is a Search option, that is desperately needed. If you add a few scripts from Greasemonkey, your in for an RSS treat! If u already use another RSS reader, its easy to import (and export) your OPML file directly into Google Reader…

Both these RSS readers are leaders in their own right, and that is exactly why the two are neck and neck at the top of web based readers. I suppose it does boil down to popularity and user taste in the end. Personally i don’t see myself moving away from Google Reader in the near future, but I think if Bloglines just works on their Layout a bit, I might be tempted to make the switch!….

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